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One Piece Foldable Cage

Industry regulations require ladder users working above a certain height to tie off to a suitable anchor point before they can work with both hands. In some circumstances, these standards are difficult or even impossible to keep, and often result in operators working in unsafe positions. We engineered the Little Giant Safety Cage™ enclosed platform to be a versatile, safe alternative to tying off.

$889.00$1,770.00 + GST

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One Piece Foldable Cage


 The Safety Cage stores in a compact footprint and is easy to store and transport. Easy to erect and dismantle within seconds using a popup all-in-one system.

 Little Giant’s patented Ground Cue®

As many as 20 percent of injuries occur when the operator accidentally misses the bottom step while descending the ladder, which commonly results in severe ankle, knee, and back injuries. The Ground Cue trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding him or her it is safe to step off the ladder.

Patented lightweight fiberglass

The Safety Cage is constructed of non-conductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite.

Spring loaded saloon doors

The Safety Cage allows operators to work hands-free in any direction in complete safety because, unlike platform stepladders, its “wrap-around” guardrail actually wraps around the operator completely in total compliance to tie-off rules.

Tip & Glide™ Wheels

Time and energy saving Tip & Glide™ Wheels make it quick and easy to move from job to job. Outriggers and a leveling device are available.

Compliant AS/NZS 1892.1

Industrial load rating

Model2 Step4 Step6 Step8 Step10 Step
Comparable Stepladder Size1.22m1.83m2.44m3.01m3.66m
Highest Standing Level0.55m1.15m1.75m2.3m2.85m
Max Reach2.45m3.1m3.7m4.25m4.85m
Step Width7.6cm7.6cm7.6cm7.6cm7.6cm
Storage Height2m2.6m3.2m3.8m4.45m
Storage Width at Base0.65m0.75m0.85m0.9m1m

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